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MF - The Best Alternative To Saving Bank Account

Friday, April 19 2019
Source/Contribution by : NJ Publications

More often than not any surplus money left in savings bank account either gets spent on discretionary expenses or may be because of tiny amount, we do not give much attention to utilizing that surplus, left in savings bank account in a more efficient manner. As experts say, it is equally important for money to work for us as hard as we work to earn it. But investors have very little clue about finding an alternative to savings bank account to deploy that surplus.

Financial planners also emphasize on the importance of maintaining emergency funds. Securing your insurance portfolio and creating contingency fund are the two basic pillars of financial planning process. As any contingency fund is created for any unknown emergency, which we do not know when and how will strike, we can not commit that fund to any long term investment purpose. Leaving that money idle in savings bank account also does not serve any purpose.

So what exactly is the alternative to savings bank account, which can be as liquid and safe as bank account and yet prove more financially prudent ? The answer is liquid funds.

As the name suggests, this is the category of mutual funds, which offers highest level of safety and liquidity. The basic objective of liquid fund is to provide highest level of liquidity to investors so that entry and exit from this fund do not cost anything to investors.

Lets Try to Understand the Concept of Liquid Funds:
As individual investors we come across two scenarios at the end of every month. Either we end up having surplus money lying idle in bank account, which is left from monthly income after providing for all expenses, which is unintentional excess money or we consciously attempt to put aside or save some money to create contingency fund. In both the cases, if we leave this amount in bank account invariably we end up spending that amount on any discretionary expense or if we keep large amount idle in bank account that may not sound prudent financial decision. Sometimes you get lumpsum amount or unexpected largesse like winning a contest or selling any real estate or any other asset or receiving large sum of money in inheritance. It invariably takes few weeks to decide on how to deploy this large amount. Liquid funds can play an important role here. Liquid funds can work as an alternative to your bank account in all such cases.

Liquid funds invest in corporate deposits, inter bank call money market or any other debt instrument with less than 91 days maturity period. As it invests in very short term debt instruments, there is no interest rate risk involved.

Ease of Investing:

  • As the name suggests, this category of funds are the most liquid in nature.
  • Investors can enter or exit without any charges, as there is no entry and exit load.
  • Redemption gets processed in 24 hours time.
  • Better tax efficient returns.

Ease of Transactions:
As the basic objective of investing in this category of fund is parking additional savings, which may be required in any emergency. So ease of operation/transaction is another important factor for investors. With NJ Demat account platform you can hold units in demat format and transact online using multiple platforms of online transactions, investing through debit card as well as opt for call and transact facility. This allows investors error free, quick transactions where both investment and redemption can be done at the click of a button.

Liquid Funds/Money Market funds help you utilize your savings in a better way. With changing times it's time to look beyond traditional products as modern times require acceptance of new solutions to your old needs.


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